There are rare occasions when words I have written produce bursts of laughter or tears or some other type of emotional response. I get a little excited and feel as if I am on the “right path”. So, I am a writer.

I write, ultimately, so that other human eyes will take in the words I produce and feel compelled to do… something. Maybe, that something-done is nothing more than experience an emotional response, but if that something-done translates into creating conversations, making new/different choices, or any other type of consciously chosen action, then my art has been useful. I wantdesire… no… need for my art to be useful.

So that is why you and I are here, present in this moment; engaging in a new relationship; experiencing for the first time in history the effects of this newly found bond that only we can share. For me, this we is made of two entities: me (Kelly, sitting here writing this stuff) and you, the implied reader (an esoteric figure not yet manifested in human form… perhaps a muse of sorts). For you, this we is also made of two entities: you (the person reading this drivel, wondering what in the hell this dude is talking about) and me (an implied writer who lives just behind the cumulative bulk of words on your monitor). This is my attempt to bridge the gap between the two versions of me that you and I have created and perhaps provide a means in which the two versions of you might also begin to merge.

So… on to content. What will you find here? I like to find good things to talk about in each day. I don’t want to think of this as a blog-site, though that is what it is in essence. I prefer to think of this a narrative of my life as it unfolds. A diary? Perhaps. Disregarding definitions, let me say simply that I love life. I have come to see it as an adventure… inside and out. Life provides action, romance, inspiration, mystery… magic. As a means to baby-step my way to becoming my ideal self, I want to capture all of those moments that I can; those moments that spontaneously spawn from the spaciousness comprising my Universe; those moments that alter my life, creating new chapters.

And, if I could have one wish granted, it would be that perhaps this narrative will help someone else. That one or two of the words that flow from the Source through my fingers will seed miracles in Another’s Universe.

Thank you.

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